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    We are publishing a secular humanist book very soon. Tell us your story and let the world hear you!

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    Humanism is caring for Humanity without expecting rewards from anyone.

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    Human beings are capable of doing good without the supernatural. As a Humanist, I want to behave decently and show compassion for my fellow humans, without expectation of reward.

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    Humanism is believing in the unlimited human potential to give solutions.

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    Humanism is doing good without the pressure of religion.

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    Al John

    Humanism is valuing the only life we have and not being too selfish to ask for another one.

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    Humanism is tthe compassion to help, without the promise of heaven and the threat of hell.

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    Humanism is a positive outlook in life that we can achieve anything just by helping each other.

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    Humanism is seeking - and sharing - the right knowledge hoping it kills ignorance and deception. Thus, accomplishing the ultimate path.. Happiness.

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